The latest data following a study by the Census Bureau has found out that Charlotte has the worst commuting time in the whole of North Carolina State. Now drivers have to spend about 25.5 minutes on an average for reaching their workplace.

The study by the above-said organization says the city has the longest average commuting time in the state followed by Durham in the second place. Traffic officials across the state say they are seriously on the move to set right the traffic congestion by giving their best.
Tiffany Wright with AAA Carolinas says, “No one wants to sit in traffic, but we’re a growing city and that comes with the territory.” According to Wright, Charlotte’s boom will be a significant factor resulting in the long time to commute. He adds, “When it’s estimated that between 50-60 people move here a day, it’s great because it shows we’re growing as a city. And, when you grow as a city, unfortunately, what comes with that is congestion and traffic.”
Notably, the other cities Like Durham were close, where drivers have to commute for about 24 minutes on an average.
The commute time for the drivers in Raleigh is about 23 minutes, and in Winston-Salem, the average commuting time is around 20 minutes. In Greensboro and Wilmington, commuters to work spend only less than twenty minutes while heading to work.
These timings noted are applicable to any mode of transportation.
The Charlotte Department of Transportation states it is working vigorously to provide more support to the alternative modes of transport in 2019 which will probably bring down the commuting time significantly.
This plan will include a $12 million investment to enhance the pedestrian safety and $4 million allotments to improve the bike travel.
Wright says, “It’s great to see other modes of transportation coming to the city, like what we’ve seen in uptown with the rideshare bikes and scooters. Time will tell if they will eliminate or ease that congestion.”