How Does Comfy Coach Work?

At Comfy Coach, our goal is to give you the most comfortable ride to work and back home safely. We partner with local communities to drive residents to and from their residence and workplace.

Here's the sequence of events:

Comfy Coach picks you up

Meanwhile, on the ride to the office, your boss calls and you're able to pick up the phone without delay.

Comfy Coach drives you to work

You get a head start on work and then arrive at the office, ready to tackle the day's challenges!

Comfy Coach safely drives you home

You arrive home safely, and are even ready to actually cook dinner!

Compared to driving yourself to work:

Get in your car and start your commute

Hopefully, traffic will be light and no one will tailgate you.

Your boss starts emailing/calling you

You're halfway to work and your phone starts buzzing. Spend ten minutes deciding tocheck your phone or not.

You pick up the phone

And then narrowly miss rear-ending someone because you were distracted. But your boss is happy you're responding!

Arrive at work

You are stressed and irritated but you're on time at least!

Drive home

The long day has finally ended! You get in your car and encounter awful traffic on the way home. You're so tired by the time you reach home, you just have cereal for dinner.

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